About Us

Rose Star Studio is a virtual museum* and educational showcase of art as it relates to the growth of human communities over many millennia. As we review our journey so far through artistic symbols found on cave walls, under layers of sediment, or in written word, one question persists: what does our future hold?

Staying true to the spirit of human exploration into the unknown (to us), the ability to transport entire populations away from the planet of our humble origin is rapidly becoming possible. We ask:

     ‐ What new environments await us - and how will we artistically represent them?

     ‐ What will our new stories be - and how will art convey these to others?

     ‐ Will we bring our current stories with us to tell future generations of a quaint world they may never see in their own lifetimes?

Creating a venue for artists and storytellers to answer these questions and more through physical and digital media became necessary to view our current trajectory and check if course corrections are needed for the future.

Future Digital Cave Art

Rose Star Studio’s galleries are gathering places to record and share interpretations of what it means to be human as we venture among the stars.

We look forward to journeying with you.

~ Rose Star Studio

*Yes, there’s a gift shop, too.

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Tuesday 17 November, 2020

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