The Rose of Venus

Date: Thursday 18 March, 2021

Our Rose of Venus logo is a flower pattern traced on the orbit of Venus in relation to the Sun if both revolved around Earth. Since they do not, we must imagine this geocentric orbit the way ancient civilizations did as they studied the heavens from their location on Earth. The spring equinox will occur within a few days of this scrivening and is oriented to the rightmost petal in this pattern.


Rose Star Logo


The star’s five inner points each represent an inferior conjunction where Venus is between the Earth and our Sun. The furthest point from the middle on each flower petal signifies a superior conjunction where Venus is furthest away from us with the Sun positioned in between.

This mesmerizing pattern repeats every 8 years and may be seen in a fantastic visualization created by Guy Ottewell here and, as of the date of this writing, is currently in the news as University College London researchers solved an archaeological mystery by recreating a 2,000 year old mechanical model of the cosmos known as the Antikythera Mechanism.


Our current fascination with this pink color, however, is a “shocking” tale for another time.

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The Rose of Venus
Thursday 18 March, 2021

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