Myth, art & history

𝕄yths, legends & folktales are more than quaint stories, they provide models for behavior toward others and our environment.

Though details vary based on the landscape in which they were written, every successful society fundamentally depends on these models for longevity.

Over millennia, art has served to retell these stories & provide snapshots of our civilization in time.

Our post-atomic age compendium
is overdue for updates.

Sic itur ad astra

(Thus one journeys to the stars, Virgil's Aeneid)

𝕀n the 'Power of Myth' interview series filmed at George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, mythologist Joseph Campbell remarked how our stories are in serious need of updating.

Using Star Wars as a backdrop & example of 'The Hero's Journey' - Dr. Campbell's quintessential work - he illustrated how our mundane technology is not reflected in the characters or their settings. Undoubtedly, daily interaction with our global landscape has changed significantly over the last 2,000 - 5,000 years.

Experiencing new vistas via commercial spaceflight has become a reality in recent years, further emphasizing our late mythologist's sage words. Our rich Earthly compendium of stories will see additions from exotic landscapes within our own descendants' lifetimes.

Art is what makes us human

𝕊ymbols, arrangements of objects & sound are artforms marking our journey in space & time.

We can experience this art for millennia: in Argentina's Cueva de las Manos prehistoric hand stencils still evoke strong emotions today connecting us to an ancient past & Gobustan's lithophone Gavel Dash, a 'singing stone', located near neolithic petroglyphs of dancing figures is still played.

Our future

Myth must be kept alive. The people who can keep it alive are the artists of one kind or another. The function of the artist is the mythologization of the environment & the world.

~ Joseph Campbell

The human species is now undertaking a great venture as important as the colonization of the land or the descent from the trees. We are breaking the shackles of Earth & voyaging to other planets.

~ Carl Sagan

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